About Us

Citizens For Laguna’s Future (CFLF) is a coalition of concerned, caring residents and organizations committed to protecting our treasured small-town atmosphere and unique quality of life for generations to come.

To this end, CFLF is committed to: 

  1. Resoundingly defeat the damaging Laguna Residents First ballot proposal now known as “Measure Q.”
  2. Avoiding the need to increase taxes on Laguna residents by restoring our business district’s existing buildings and infrastructure. Giving our small business owners a boost will help generate much-needed new City revenues and create more jobs for residents. 
  3. Assuring the low scale, welcoming streetscape that is characteristic of Laguna continues and height limits are not breached.
  4. Helping our firefighters and paramedics maintain fast, fire and medical emergency response times by supporting plans to build a new fire station and renovate existing ones as needed without a public vote which could delay its completion for 2 years.
  5. Fully funding our police department to maintain personnel levels and acquire the crime-fighting tools needed to keep us safe.
  6. Uniting our City so, together, we can meet the challenges that face all of us in the decades ahead.

CFLF Leadership


If you want to know who Citizens for Laguna’s Future is, look no further than our Supporters page – each person on that page (and so many more) make up our coalition of members who are fighting Measure Q.

That said, there is a core group of folks who have built this coalition from the ground up and we want to let Laguna Residents know who is advocating for them.

Without further ado – a huge thanks to our organizers, leaders and our amazing “can-do” people who continue to fuel the Citizens for Laguna’s Future coalition and the powerful “No on Q” outreach:

JJ Ballesteros
Rick Balzer
Laura Baptista
Barb Bowler
Kelly Brochu
Jesse Brossa
Tim Carlyle
Steve Chadima
Tom Gibbs
Joan Gladstone
Glenn Gray
Joe Hanauer
Paula Hornbuckle-Arnold
Bobbie Jordan

Barbara McMurray
Jeff Meberg
Greg Mech
Angie Miller
Bob Mister
Elizabeth Pearson
Chris Quilter
Jeffrey Redeker
Steve Samuelian
Adam Schwerner
Sally Anne Sheridan
Kris Thalman
Rebecca Visconti
Doug Wilson

We’ll surely keep adding to this list, but wanted to take a moment so our community can recognize their efforts. If you are interested in volunteering, supporting financially, or just want more information, please reach out to us at contact@citizensforlagunasfuture.com

Thank you all for everything you’ve been doing!