Letter: Everyone is Lying And That’s The Truth

Feb 18, 2022

By Chris Quilter

I was online reading the Indy when my Macbook began to overheat. The cause was a lengthy letter from Laguna Residents First assistant treasurer and Village Laguna vice president Merrill Anderson. Among his points: If you oppose the LRF PAC initiative, you are corrupt or brainwashed. If you have been appointed to a City commission or committee since 2018, you are a sycophant. If you are representative democracy in Laguna, you are broken. Councilmember Peter Blake, with equal restraint, begged to differ. To summarize his reply: anyone who backs the initiative is a ruthless activist, a tasteless frump, and/or a political predator.

At this point, I was surprised my laptop didn’t burst into flames. This shouldn’t need to be said but: Like it or not, the LRF PAC initiative will be on the ballot. Is there any way we could have a civil discussion about it? I ask because it’s a long way to November, and the current level of pearl-clutching, finger-wagging, and pecksniffery is going to make it feel much, much longer.

Chris Quilter, Laguna Beach

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